Badminton is an excellent racket sport for all ages regardless of your athletic level. The game can be played with either two or four players. At its simplest, badminton doesn’t require much from its players unlike other racket sports like tennis, which makes starting it easy and playing it fun and effortless. This also makes badminton a great sport for exercise.

With the right partner a game of badminton is not only fun and engaging, but at the same time it also enhances the players agility, hand-eye-coordination, and endurance. Badminton is a popular sport in Finland, currently having over 200 000 active players. Badminton’s rules go as follows:

The game is played in a ¨best out of three¨ format. One round is played to 21 points, but in a 20-20 situation, a difference of two points is needed to win. If a conclusion is not reached before a player reaches 30 points, they’re declared the winner of the round.

At the start of the game, the first server is chosen by chance. After this, the winner of the point always serves. The serving in badminton is done diagonally: from the server’s righthand box to the opponent’s righthand box when the server has an even number of points, and from the server’s lefthand box to the opponent’s lefthand box when the server has an odd number of points. Unlike in tennis, the serve is always done from below. The server should hit the shuttle under the level of their waist, the racket should clearly point downwards when serving. A point is awarded to the player who strikes the shuttle in to the opponent’s court without them being able to return it.

The shuttle is out-of-bounds only when it’s fully outside the court, meaning that a shuttle that hits the line is counted as being in.

The shuttle is always allowed to touch the net, even in the serve, but the players, their clothes, or their rackets are not.

Doubles (the term for a game with four players) uses a wider court, while singles (term for a game with two players) uses a narrower court. In singles, the back of the court acts as the back-end of the serving area, while in doubles, it’s a bit closer to the net. After the serve is done in doubles, the whole court is in use normally.

Ruoholahden Palloiluhalli has five badminton courts, two of which are doubles courts. We offer a possibility to rent, purchase and test high-quality equipment such as rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes and grips from badminton’s top brands such as Yonex, FZ Forza, Victor, Wilson, and Babolat!



Floorball is a type of floor hockey played in teams of five with sticks and a ball. Floorball currently has over 350,000 active players, making it one of the most played sports in Finland. Floorball is an intensive team sport which increases player’s stamina, agility, and hand-eye coordination. As a team sport, floorball can also be a very social and fun hobby! People often try to play floorball following the official rules as closely as they can, but this is not always possible due to court size, number of players, or other factors. The rules are often bent to suit the situation at hand, such as playing four vs. four without a goalkeeper. The official rules of floorball in short can be found below: Floorball has six players, one of them being a goalkeeper, on the field in each team. The official game time is three rounds of 20 minutes. The clock is paused when a goal occurs or when the referee pauses the game. If the ball leaves the court, the clock is stopped and the opposing team gets a free hit from where the ball left the court. The ball is controlled with a hockey-like stick. The ball can be caught with the body, and one can pass the ball to them with their foot. The following IS prohibited: Lifting, pressing down on, or intentionally hitting another player’s stick, playing from between your opponent’s legs, intentionally hitting the ball with one’s hand or head, all kinds of tackling, shoulder-checking, holding, and blocking, and playing without a stick or while both of one’s knees or either arm is touching the ground, or whilst jumping with both feet in the air. Ruoholahden Palloiluhalli has a wide selection of floorball sticks from quality Finnish brands like Exel and Fat Pipe, alongside indoor shoes and accessories ranging from safety goggles to goalkeeper’s gloves. Ruoholahden Palloiluhalli also has a long-running public floorball group which plays every Tuesday evening. Everyone is free to join regardless of age, gender, or skill level. If this caught your interest, feel free to ask for more information from our customer service or check our public groups page!



Futsal is a sport based on football(soccer), which is played on an indoor court. The sport has gained a stable following in Finland and according the Football Association of Finland, futsal has around 27 000 active players. Futsal is also a familiar sport for Finnish football players, as it can be easily played during the cold and snowy winter months.
Futsal is a fast-paced and athletic sport, which puts one’s endurance, agility and ball-handling skills to the test. With a good group, it can also be a relaxed and social sport. Here’s a summary of futsal’s official rules.

Unlike football, futsal is played on a smaller, hard indoor court. The ball itself is also smaller and less bouncy than a traditional football. Both teams have four field players and a goalkeeper. Players can be switched around freely on the court during play. Game time is 20 minutes and two rounds are played. If the ball goes out-of-bounds, the clock is paused and the game is stopped. If the ball goes over the sides of the court, the opposing team gets a free kick from where the ball went over. If the ball goes over the end of the court, the opposing team gets a free corner kick. If misconduct happens, a penalty kick can be awarded to the opposing team. Examples of misconduct are behaviors such as tackling, pushing, or tripping your opponent, holding the ball in your hands, or sliding after the ball. Unlike in soccer, penalties stack and for every six penalties a team gets, the opposing team is awarded a penalty kick.

Futsal is a popular sport at Ruoholahden Palloiluhalli. Our shop also carries a good selection of shoes suitable for futsal. Book a court today!




Volleyball is one of the most played ball games in the world, with over 200 million active players around the world according to the International Volleyball Federation. Volleyball is an intense and athletic sport, especially emphasizing the player’s ability to jump vertically. Team play is an important part of the game and crucial to success.

The official rule set of volleyball is very extensive and comprehensive, but the game generally goes as follows:

The game is played with six players, three in the front of the court and three in the back. The game always begins with a serve, where a player shoots the ball from behind the court directly over the net to the opponent’s side. The goal of the game is to strike the ball into the opponent’s court, or make the ball go off the court with the opponent touching the ball last. The winner of the ball gets to serve. The players on the field rotate clockwise every time their team is awarded the serve. The team gets a point for winning the ball. To win a round, the team needs to accumulate 25 points, with a two point lead over the opponent if the score is 24 to 24. The first team to win three rounds wins the game.

The ball must be kept in the air at all times, and the player can play the ball with any body part, though the ball must be struck or pushed. Catching or throwing the ball is not allowed. The team is allowed to touch the ball three times when it is on their side of the court. Usually these consist of first passing or bumping the ball towards the setter, who then sets the ball up for an optimal attack, after which the attacker spikes the ball to return it over the net. 

Inquire today about the possibility to play volleyball from our customer service by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to the number 050 566 1202. Ruoholahden Palloiluhalli also sells various indoor shoes for volleyball.


Table tennis


Table tennis, colloquailly known as ping pong, is an indoor racket sport similar to tennis. Many deem table tennis to be a relaxed sport, while in reality it is a very active and fast-paced sport requiring a good amount of mobility and skill.

The goal of table tennis is to hit the ball to the opponent’s side of the table without them being able to return it. The serve is done by bouncing the ball from your own side of the table to the opponent’s. The opponent gets a point if the player touches the table with their non-racket hand, if the player hits the ball without it bouncing off the table, or if the ball is deemed to have bounced off the table twice.

Ruoholahden Palloiluhalli sells high-quality Joola rackets as well as ITTF-certified balls. Because of our facilities, we have to setup the table on a badminton court. Due to this, table tennis CANNOT be played if there are a lot of badminton reservations. Always contact our customer service first, if you wish to play table tennis.

Reserve your slot today by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to the number 050 566 1202



Tennis is one of the most well-known racket sports and can be played both indoors and outdoors. Tennis requires good hand-eye coordination, as well as power and mobility.

A whole ‘match’ of tennis is played in ‘sets’, which consists of several ‘games’ of tennis where the players accumulate ‘points’ for scoring over the opponent. Players get a point when their opponent is unable to return the ball to the opponent’s court.

When a player accumulates at least four points in total and at least two more than the opponent, they win the current game. To win a set in tournament play, a player typically has to win six games and at least two more than the opponent. The whole match is usually decided in the best out of three or five sets format.

Tennis reservations must always be made through customer service, from the number 050 566 1202 via calling or WhatsApp. Ruoholahden Palloiluhalli also has various tennis equipment such as rackets and balls for sale.


Tennis can be booked from Monday to Friday for 35 €/h.

Bookings can only be made on the same day or a day in advance.

Currently there are no recurring bookings available for tennis.

Equipment rental

We rent equipment for all of our sports. There is no need to reserve equipment in advance.

Equipment rental is free for students, the unemployed, pensioners, and conscripts from Monday to Friday between 7 – 16.


Rackets/shoes/balls       5 €/h
Vests                     5 €/h
Goalkeeper helmet         5 €/h
Goalkeeper suit           6 €/h
Towels                    5 €/h